EHFA Retention report 2013

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02 September 2013 0 reactie

Every business prospers if it can keep customers loyal for a long time, if not for life. Improving the retention of customers also helps improve the retention of the key staff.

It is accepted that member retention is a key performance evaluation across the health & fitness sector. Despite this being such an important subject there is little research done on it and the few available publications differ in the measurements used. We know that there are fitness clubs which perform better than others and it is important to understand the reasons why and how we can all improve our retention rates. 

Jan Middelkamp and Prof Thomas Rieger have gathered together and studied all of the available publications on this subject and have condensed their findings and conclusions in their first publication dedicated to the analysis of this issue. The brand new EHFA Retention Report sets about answering the key question “what is known on retention of members in fitness clubs from scientific and fitness industry literature?”

The Retention Report covers all of the key questions of how can retention be understood? How can retention be consistently measured? And what can be done to improve member attendance? The explanations findings are the key tools to help improve membership retention and business performance. Jan Middelkamp from BlackBoxFitness said “This work combines all of the best evidence on improving retention for fitness clubs. We’ve looked critically at all existing evidence and have drawn clear conclusion for the club operators and managers to follow.”

One of EHFA’objectives is to provide research that will help to promote the sector and improve opportunities and growth. The Retention Report has been published with the financial support of EHFA in cooperation with BlackBoxFitness, EHFA’s publication partner. 

Harm Tegelaars, EHFA President commented that “the Retention Report is another key part of the work that EHFA is doing to provide high quality information to our members and friends in fitness and all across Europe”. If you are interested in improving your business and the health and happiness of your custumers, then you can order the printed version of EHFA’s Retention Report via the EHFA website or on our website as an Ebook. It is in color, has 55 pages and costs only 49 € for EHFA members and 99 € for non-members.