Physical inactivity is just as dangerous as smoking!

Fitness | Von Kelby Jongen

17 June 2014 1 reactie

In the book The future of health and fitness, an impressive group of European Professors explain how to get more Europeans active by 2025.  The book is a must-read document to understand the problem of inactivity and the relationship to health and fitness and how to make a plan for improvements. In terms of health, several diseases are discussed like overweight and obesity. The table below shows the huge amount of overweight and obese persons per country.

The European Union’s population of over 500 million people has become more sedentary and less physically active. The Euro barometer research on physical activity & sport has shown that 60% of the population is getting little or no exercise to be beneficial for health. In the European Union, 52% of the adult population is now overweight and 17% are obese. At national levels, the prevalence of overweight and obesity exceeds 50% in 18 of the 28 EU member states.

It is in the context of this immense challenge to get people to exercise more and eat healthier that EHFA, and as such the European Health & Fitness sector, now “raises the bar” and announces its commitment to reach 80 million health club members by January 1, 2025 and even more important get Europeans more active in general.

This book The future of health & fitness, a plan for getting Europe active by 2025, is a unique collection of contributions by 13 experts from 7 European countries on the scientific evidence around the medical , psychological and economic benefits of physical activity, exercise and fitness for all ages and some specific recommendations on how to get Europeans to become more active.

The target audience for this book is broad; European and national policymakers, scientist, health club operators, training professionals, educational institutions, students, medical community, NGO’s, corporations, health & wellness specialists and many more It is our hope that this book will be the spark for some serious actions in order to turn the tide of inactivity. 



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