EHFA and sign Partnership


18 June 2013 0 reply

EHFA (European Health & Fitness Association, based in Brussels) has started a partnership with which went live June 18th 2013.

BlackBoxFitness (BBF) is a global publication platform for fitness professionals, to share practical knowledge and tools with colleques around the globe!

Until today the global fitness industry is a “black box” concerning information for fitness professionals. The information is available, but is sometimes difficult to find. BlackBoxFitness offers an open and online platform to share and find information for and by fitness professionals.

EHFA board member Herman Rutgers commented; “EHFA supports the sharing of information between fitness professionals to develop the quality of European fitness industry. EHFA will publish several reports on BBF and will stimulate fitness professionals in Europe to share publications.”

BBF offers practical tools for fitness professionals. Like training programs for personal trainers, job descriptions for managers, practical scientific research on fitnessclubs, marketing campaigns, sales tools, powerpoint presentations and ready to go programs. When it comes to information for fitness professionals around the globe, BlackBoxFitness has four characteristics;

  1. Overview: information is presented in a systematic way by using relevant categories and is therefore easy to find.
  2. Practical: information is always usable in a practical way. For example scientific studies on fitnessclubs are translated to help clubs to improve their daily operation.
  3. Specific: general knowledge is translated to the specific situation of fitnessclubs and fitness professionals. For example when it comes to information on management and marketing.
  4. International: information is available in all countries. Knowledge and tools from one country will be made usable to share with fitness professionals around the globe.

Almost all publications on BlackBoxFitness are digital and a huge amount of publications are offered for free!

New, substantial and unique publications are offered against fair and affordable fees. The author decides the price of the publication. Every fitness professional can share and become an author!

Click here for more information about EHFA.