Publish your own book as a sports, health or fitness professional.

Become a writer and publish a book
Have you ever dreamed about publishing your own book? Would you like to write and share your knowledge and insights with others? Want to be a famous author? 

With BlackBoxPublishers you can
Many colleagues in the sports, fitness & health world dream for years about how to publish their own book or report. With this BlackBoxPublishers is possible. If you have the idea and wrote the book, we can assist you.

Publishing services
We offer services to produce the complete lay-out for the book, including cover design, graphics and photography. We closely work together with a team of graphic designers, photographers and a great printing house. 

So take the next step:

  • Sent us your book proposal through our contact form via this website
  • The editorial board will evaluate your concept. 
  • You write the book and maintain contact with the editorial board.
  • Your script is finished and will be reviewed and edited by the editorial board.
  • Your book is designed and published.
  • You will receive an annual royalty fee per book sold.
  • BlackboxPublishers handles the production, promotion and distribution of the book. 

By no means all books come through the screening. So use an original book concept with a clear target audience. The book can be published in hardcover, paperback or e-book. You can even consider the publication of Theses, Dissertations or Research Reports. As long as it is related to sports, fitness and health. 

Sent a proposal
Go to our Contact page and fill out the contact form. Here you have also the option to upload a file (Word, PDf etc). Your personal information and your proposal will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused or disclosed in any other way.