Bobby Cappuccio

International speaker & author
New York, United States

Bobby Cappuccio is an internationally recognized speaker and author, widely known for his dynamic and provocative style. His reputation for providing individuals with the sciences, tools, information and inspiration to channel their aspirations into higher levels of achievement made Bobby Cappuccio one of the most sought after speakers in his industry. Bobby draws from an extensive background, having held various positions such as Trainer, Sales Consultant, Fitness Manager and Corporate Training and Development Director. As the Former Director of Professional Development for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and a co-founder of the educational and development company PT Academy Global, Bobby developed the strategies to assist countless thousands of trainers, managers and industry leaders, across some of the most eminent organizations in the world, to facilitate remarkable change in their businesses. Through his work with fitpro and PTontheNET Bobby spent years seeking out and interviewing world-class leaders across multiple disciplines to bring insights from some of the top minds in the world to the health and fitness industry. Bobby has presented for organizations such as 24-Hour Fitness, Lifetime Fitness, Equinox, Lifestyle Family Fitness, Gold’s Gym International, Fitness First, Bally’s, Sports Club LA, Club Corp, Town-Sports International (New York Sports Club, Boston Sports Club, Philadelphia Sports Club, Washington Sports Club), NASM, Holmes Place, David Lloyd Leisure, Virgin, Wellbridge, ClubSport, Sports Club Company, IDEA, NFBA/IHRSA, fitpro, CAN-FIT-PRO and many others on various subject matters including business development, sales, retention, human movement science, neuroscience, kinesiology, communication skills and behavior change. As an author Bobby’s articles regularly appear in many of the fitness industries most prominent publications. He is also a contributing author for a few of the industries top ranked professional development videos and textbooks. Bobby Cappuccio continues to develop strategies that he presents throughout the world collaborating with professionals and organizations to enhance their performance as well as develop into the top leaders in their industry.

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