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Physical inactivity is just as dangerous as smoking!

Door Kelby Jongen | 17 June 2014 Fitness

In the book The future of health and fitness, an impressive group of European Professors explain how to get more Europeans active by 2025.  The book is a must-read document to understand the problem of inactivity and the relationship to health and fitness and how to make a plan for improvements. In terms of health, several diseases are discussed like overweight and obesity. The table below shows the huge amount of overweight and obese persons per country.

Virtual is the 2014 fitness trend

Door Peter van der Steege | 16 December 2013 Fitness, Trends

Every year the SGMA investigates fitness trends in the United States of America. Usually, the US is ahead of other parts of the world when in comes to fitness. According to the SGMA, the biggest trend in 2011 was walking for fitness, based on a national survey with 38.742 interviews, completed by 15.038 individuals.