Motivated members in fitness clubs

Door Jan Middelkamp | 08 November 2013 Fitness, Retention

One of the most used key words in the global fitness industry is motivation. But what is motivation? And how can we understand the principles behind motivation? Lets first define three important concepts:

EHFA Retention report 2013

Door Jan Middelkamp | 02 September 2013 Management, News

Every business prospers if it can keep customers loyal for a long time, if not for life. Improving the retention of customers also helps improve the retention of the key staff.

Trends versus Trust

Door Peter van der Steege | 17 June 2013 Trends

The fitness industry is a trendy world. Trends come and go. When you count all the trends that have been launched globally in the last twelve months, you will get lost. Trends help our industry a lot, but there are cons as well.