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About BlackBoxPublishers

BlackBoxPublishers (BBP) is a publisher in the field of sports, health and fitness. Founded in 2012 by Dr Johan Steenbergen, Peter van der Steege and Dr Jan Middelkamp. The reason to start this was the fact that information for professionals was really hard to find. Many books have been released in the last ten years. They are all about sports, health and fitness. BBP is responsible, among other things, for publishing Market & Trend Reports on behalf of NL Actief. These contain data from which professionals can derive business benefits. A fair amount of the expenditure focuses on behavior and behavior change in clients of a professional. In addition, there are publications that are practical, such as training cards or playing cards with fitness exercises. BlackBoxPublishers has been a publishing partner of EuropeActive for ten years, the European non-profit organization that represents the interests of the fitness and health sector at the EU institutions. Since 2020, BBP has been part of the Fitness Education Group (FEG), the market leader in training for fitness and health professionals.